Welcome to the ABC’s of Affiliate Marketing. My name is Sam Belnavis and I hope this site will give you what you need to be successful in the Affiliate Marketing arena.

My Story

I have worked in the corporate world for many years and but soon realized that there was more to life than living in a rut. A friend introduced me to internet marketing and luckily, I discovered the easiest way to make money online, Affiliate Marketing. I have been doing that now for the last three years. I find that it is the easiest way of making money online, no product creation, no website needed, just send traffic to an URL to create passive income. Even though, it is the easiest way to create online income, there is a learning curve that could take years going through trial and error. The best way is to find someone who has been successful in affiliate marketing and model that person. Learn from that person’s mistakes. Why try to reinvent the wheel?


By browsing the different forums, I find that people have basically the same questions about the nature of affiliate marketing, where to find the best programs and how to put the pieces together to start making money. I figured I would answer the questions and make it easier for someone to succeed without the large learning curve and jumping through hoops.


HTTPS://abcofaffiliatemarketing.com tries to provide the answers to all the questions above, in layman’s terms that anyone should be able to understand. If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out. To Your Success! Sam Belnavis abcofaffliatemarketing.com